At Peak Platforms, our objective is to streamline your accounting processes, A/R, A/P, taxes, and more.
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Since we recognize that many of our clients have specific needs beyond accounting and tax assistance, Peak Platforms functions as a business advisor and plays a key roll in decision-making transactions that have a financial impact on organizations.

Cloud Accounting Platforms

Peak's Cloud Accounting Platforms provide an excellent way to do this. It provides shared, scalable online accounting services that can be securely accessed from your computer or mobile device. Cloud Accounting systems are the future for accounting software, and that future is here, today.

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Controller & CFO Services

For many business owners, managing the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities like payroll, accounts payable and receivable and financial statements, is a time consuming process that takes you away from the activities that help you grow your business.

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Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax laws change constantly. Keeping abreast of those changes and the ramifications requires a great deal of time and knowledge. We can help you. Peak Platforms makes it our business to persistently monitor changes and to accurately interpret tax law. We then can detail the steps individuals and businesses can take to comply with those changes and mitigate their impact. Our level of knowledge sets us apart.

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Real-Time Transactional Processing

Peak is capable of transforming your accounting transactional processing. Don't invest in non - core activities, outsource it instead!
Peak's real-time transactional processing offering has not only proven itself by improving the accounts payable process capability, but reduces costs significantly. The approach of documenting existing process and migrating to an automated accounts payable system has been the primary reason for process improvement.

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Youth Sports Accounting

Does your organization and its board members have problems organizing board meetings and committees, providing financial transparency, reconciling credit card activity, issuing payments, & maintaining compliance records?

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