Managing a sports team is no easy feat- from managing players, payments, parents, coaches, volunteers and meeting league requirements,
it can be like a
second job. Luckily, there are several resources available and becoming available to help manage a youth sports team easier.

Get clear about your goals
Meet with leaders on the team to discuss any logistics, such as phone trees, online sports management systems, meetings, and overall team objectives. To manage a youth sports team, you must clarify leadership roles and who is responsible for specific activities and communication.

Once clear on goals, create a master schedule that includes team practices, games, organizational and/or Board of Directors meetings.

Team roster management
A web based program that allows people to access information will be the easiest way to collect and distribute important information. Complete roster information including emergency contact information, preferred communication method and player and parent information is important to capture and keep up to date.

Be sure to keep private information secure while also allowing parents to stay in contact with each other for communication purposes such as setting up carpools, snack schedules and volunteer activities.

Volunteer Management
Be sure to be asking for volunteers and don’t allow yourself to get stuck doing all the work. Someone is more likely to volunteer if they know exactly what is expected, including the time involved. By having clear tasks, it will be easier to request and receive help on projects. Ask for people with specific skill sets to handle certain projects.

An example may sound a bit like a job description, such as: “I need someone to make copies of a letter and stamp, address and stuff 50 envelopes. This should take about 1 hour and is a one-time project.” Or another one may read like: “Person with math skills needed to audit receipts against bank statements. Monthly 2 hour commitment.”

Be precise and clear. Someone likely will not volunteer to an open ended request, but will respond to a specific need. Bottom line, manage a youth sports team with many hands to make light work.

Financial Management
Create and manage your budget with an online based software that allows transparency. Keep the budget simple and make sure dues are being paid in a timely manner. Be sure all costs are being added to the budget so adjustments can be made on the fly, rather than at the end of season when a deficit is discovered. Successfully manage a youth sports team financials by creating a system where it is easy to see what is truly happening, in real time, in regards to income and expenses.

Review your financial information as a leadership team to be sure you are meeting goals and managing the finances in a way that is healthy and helpful. Consider ways to increase revenue through fundraisers that also promote teamwork to build on the experience. Consider group activities, such as seeing a high school or college team play, to build team awareness and gain more players.

Looking for a better way to manage a youth sports team? From online registration, accounting and a single point of communication, Peak Platforms can help stream-line your process. We are now offering a free demo of our web based system to a limited number of youth sports teams.