Many youth sports organizations operate as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and being a nonprofit necessitates a board of directors. Some operate as a collection of volunteers and some incorporate paid positions, but all face similar challenges in both their day-to-day and long term operations. Here are three challenges faced by youth sports boards, and ways that Peak Platforms’ ERP solution can address those challenges.

1. The problem of coordination between board members
Members of the board all lead busy lives, and as such, are pulled in many directions. Each member has work and employment commitments, family events and vacations. Multiply that by the number of board members and it becomes almost impossible to assemble for meetings, votes, approvals of budgets and the like. Conference calls can address this on a limited level, but there is no written record kept of such conversations to refer to later if needed.

Peak Performance’s cloud-based platform has been designed specifically for sport clubs and organizations, and we have features that allow board members to log in and vote on pressing matters when it is convenient for them. Votes are recorded and archived, allowing for smooth operation of the organization.                                                                                                           

2. The problem of managing registrations and schedules of the participating athletes and teams
At the heart of any youth sports league are the athletes, but keeping all the details of who has registered, when they have registered, who has paid (and how much) can be an overwhelming task. Furthermore, communicating practice and game times quickly and accurately to the athletes and parents is important.

Our program partners with to provide a one-stop cloud-based solution, accessible anywhere, with an online registration system that operates 24/7, and team management and scheduling tools that allow the organization to manage facilities and schedules easily and efficiently. Plus, if a facility is closed or if details change, you can alert all members automatically via email and/or text notifications.

3. The problem of shared responsibility and financial transparency
Because of the difficulty with managing board members’ schedules, it is often impractical to wait for a meeting for approval to pay bills and necessary fees; many times, this duty ends up falling on the shoulders of one person rather than the responsibility being shared by several people. In addition, asking for a review of spending or accounting records from another board member can be awkward or impractical.

Peak Platforms’ cloud-based platform has an integrated online bill payment solution powered by, and it allows an internal system of checks and balances, requiring two board members’ approval before processing a payment. This reduces the temptation of unscrupulous behaviors such as embezzlement or misappropriation of funds. In addition, all board members have access to up-to-date information on sports registrations and expenses, so the financial status of the organization can be viewed at any time, from anywhere.

The challenges of youth sports organizations are great, but we can help boards of directors deal with them more easily so that they can devote more of their time and energy into why they became involved in the first place: to further the sport and benefit the athletes. Call us today and schedule a demonstration and learn how we can benefit your organization.